Update on INEOS v National Trust at Clumber Park

The spire of the Gothic chapel, seen in the distance, over the serpentine lake at Clumber Park Credit: National Trust Images/David Noton

“Drill or Drop” reports on the tenant farmer who has joined the National Trust in its challenge to the shale gas company, INEOS, in a court case over land access. The National Trust claims it is acting within its founding principle of protecting the beautiful places in its care and, given the impact of climate change, has no wish for any of its land to be used for gas  or oil extraction. INEOS said Government licences give the company a legal obligation to investigate shale gas deposits in areas around the country, including Clumber Park.

The unnamed tenant farmer was joining the case in opposing access to INEOS. Another 30 tenants of the Clumber Park estate would also to be notified about the case and given the opportunity to join the objections. The case is likely to be heard March-May 2019.

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