**NEWS BRIEFING: Seismic survey plans in North Yorkshire

The fracking industry is approaching farmers and landowners seeking access for seismic surveys.

Fracking companies want access to land to carry out seismic surveys in order to study the geology in an area. Seismic surveys are often a precursor to fracking taking place in the area being surveyed.

We have been informed by some of our members that land agents engaged by INEOS have been approaching landowners around the Malton, Norton areas and out towards the Yorkshire Wolds in North Yorkshire to negotiate access to land for the purpose of carrying out seismic surveys.

We know that some landowners and farmers are refusing to allow access.  You may find our section “Your Rights” helpful, as this relates to access on to land by fracking companies.

National Trust Clumber Park manager makes personal appeal to INEOS

The spire of the Gothic chapel, seen in the distance, over the serpentine lake at Clumber Park Credit: National Trust Images/David Noton

As reported in the Sunday Telegraph, the National Trust continues to defend its right to prevent fracking on its land*. Clumber Park general manager Beth Dawson has written to Lynne Campbell, the Planning and Environment Manager at INEOS, making a personal appeal to her to stop the application, and inviting her to visit the estate so she can see the ‘nature-rich oasis’ for herself.

*For an overview of landowner rights in relation to fracking, see http://www.cfoy.org.uk/seismic-surveys/

National Trust defends its position on fracking

In a letter to The Times, the National Trust has responded to INEOS’s accusation that  it has adopted an “overly and and overtly” political position on fracking. The Swiss petrochemical giant is threatening legal action against the National Trust, following their refusal to allow access for seismic testing.


See also http://www.cfoy.org.uk/ineos-threatens-legal-action-against-national-trust-over-fracking-survey/

Call for more regional opinion on fracking

Australian landowners call for more public meetings on fracking

Dandaragan farmer David Cook has called for the Western Australia Fracking Inquiry panel to visit his region and hear from the people whose lives will be directly impacted by the fracking industry.

 “We are the ones whose lives, water, health and livelihoods will be turned upside down if this industry is allowed to proceed in the Mid West”. More details at https://thewest.com.au/countryman/news/call-for-more-regional-opinion-on-fracking-ng-b88673028z

Aussie farmers blockade gas pipeline workers

Farmers do not want pipeline surveyors on their land and have made it clear from the outset they consider a gas pipeline inappropriate land use in the Pilliga

Police negotiated the release of workers associated with the pipeline’s proponent APA, who were holed up on a private property, after farmers had formed a human picket line. Farmers were concerned the workers were carrying no identifying documents.