**URGENT! Please lobby your MP to attend 31st October debate

You may be aware that the Government is consulting on granting Permitted Development Rights (PDR) for exploratory drilling and inclusion of shale gas production under the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project regime (NSIP). The NFU has put in objections to these proposals as, amongst other reasons,  it “…disagrees with the government proposals to take shale gas production out of the hands of local planning decision making”.

If fracking were to become part of the NSIPs, it could strengthen the compulsory purchase powers of the shale gas (fracking) industry which would impact the rights of farmers and landowners.  There is due to be a debate in Westminster and the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) is urging people to contact their MPs to attend the debate, which is taking place at 4.30pm on 31st October.

Farmers and landowners may wish to contact their MPs to ask them to attend – which can be done using this link: https://takeaction.cpre.org.uk/page/32602/action/1?locale=en-GB –  and follow this situation closely.

Gas processing plant threatens family farm in Ohio

The Rockenhausers’ son, Little Pete, in front of the drainage pipe constructed by the energy company next door. The pipe directs runoff from the construction site onto the Rockenhausers’ farmland. (Source: Belt Magazine)

“Belt Magazine” reports on a major gas processing plant being built adjacent to a young family’s three-generation farm, describing the impact on their farm.

In the US, infrastructure such as this central delivery point – including gas dehydration units, compressor stations and processing plants – is an essential part of the industry and comes together with the drilling pads, and all the associated pipeline networks between them.

Call for more regional opinion on fracking

Australian landowners call for more public meetings on fracking

Dandaragan farmer David Cook has called for the Western Australia Fracking Inquiry panel to visit his region and hear from the people whose lives will be directly impacted by the fracking industry.

 “We are the ones whose lives, water, health and livelihoods will be turned upside down if this industry is allowed to proceed in the Mid West”. More details at https://thewest.com.au/countryman/news/call-for-more-regional-opinion-on-fracking-ng-b88673028z

Farmers condemn go-ahead for fracking in Lancashire

Farmers have condemned a government decision to allow shale gas exploration in Lancashire – despite the local county council’s refusal to grant the go-ahead.

The government over-ruled Lancashire County Council’s (LCC) refusal to grant permission for exploratory fracking by energy company Cuadrilla on Thursday (6 October).


Lessons from Pennsylvania

The attached report appeared in the Journal of Rural Studies, and is titled “A devil’s bargain: Rural environmental injustices and hydraulic fracturing on Pennsylvania’s farms”


“We show how farmers of small and midsized operations experience rural environmental injustices as they endure corporate bullying; face procedural inequities negotiating and enforcing lease terms; and increasingly contend with environmental risks associated with unconventional natural gas production.”