Gas processing plant threatens family farm in Ohio

The Rockenhausers’ son, Little Pete, in front of the drainage pipe constructed by the energy company next door. The pipe directs runoff from the construction site onto the Rockenhausers’ farmland. (Source: Belt Magazine)

“Belt Magazine” reports on a major gas processing plant being built adjacent to a young family’s three-generation farm, describing the impact on their farm.

In the US, infrastructure such as this central delivery point – including gas dehydration units, compressor stations and processing plants – is an essential part of the industry and comes together with the drilling pads, and all the associated pipeline networks between them.

Boom and bust fracking – a cautionary tale from Australia

With bust following the boom, many houses and pools now lie abandoned

Farmers from New South Wales in Australia tour neighbouring Queensland to find out what impact shale gas and coal seam gas extraction has had on the local economy. Did the promised prosperity materialise?


**NEWS BRIEFING: Seismic survey plans in North Yorkshire

The fracking industry is approaching farmers and landowners seeking access for seismic surveys.

Fracking companies want access to land to carry out seismic surveys in order to study the geology in an area. Seismic surveys are often a precursor to fracking taking place in the area being surveyed.

We have been informed by some of our members that land agents engaged by INEOS have been approaching landowners around the Malton, Norton areas and out towards the Yorkshire Wolds in North Yorkshire to negotiate access to land for the purpose of carrying out seismic surveys.

We know that some landowners and farmers are refusing to allow access.  You may find our section “Your Rights” helpful, as this relates to access on to land by fracking companies.